Online: Social Media As A Home Anchor with Tania of Swahili Secrets

April 02, 2021 Stephanie Fuccio
Online: Social Media As A Home Anchor with Tania of Swahili Secrets
Show Notes

Can social media ground us and make us feel more at peace in this crazy world? 

This conversation with Tania from Swahili Secrets will present an answer to this question that is not common but very refreshing. Tania was born in Kenya and moved around a lot. Her geographical footprint includes 4 other African countries, Thailand, Austria and Germany. Although she calls Germany home, her heart and her projects revolve around Kenya. In this conversation we follow her online journey from her first chat room all the way through to her current day Instagram world. This IG space includes the travel services of Swahili Secrets, the African inspired merchandise of Bantu Sisters, and the community oriented The Kenyan Kind. 

 In this conversation we chat about:

  • her amazing geographical trajectory
  • her first experiences online & her current onlineness
  • private and public social media choices
  • how her online posting habits have changed
  • the online lessons she’s learned over time 

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